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Employee Benefits

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A Recipe for Success: Ten Tips for Planning the Distribution of Large IRAs
By Richard S. Franklin

How Alligators Hidden in Leases Can Eat a Client's Bottom Line-Damage and Destruction Provisions 
By Patrick T. Sharkey


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lock.gif (95 bytes)Prepayment of Section 515 Affordable Housing Mortgage Loans 
By Richard Michael Price and Randall Kelly
lock.gif (95 bytes)Valuation Discounts After Mellinger, Nowell and Lopes  
By Farhad Aghdami
lock.gif (95 bytes)Once More Unto the Breach: Planning for a Conflict of Laws with Alaska and Delaware Self-settled Spendthrift Trusts
By Meaghan R. Hogan
lock.gif (95 bytes)More Alligators Hidden in Leases-Maintenance, Alterations and Compliance with Laws 
By Patrick T. Sharkey
lock.gif (95 bytes)Still More Alligators Hidden in Leases-Operating Expense Increases 
By Patrick T. Sharkey

lock.gif (95 bytes)Converting an S Corporation to an LLC-and Conversion 
Bypass with Parallel Structure

By B. Dane Dudley, Steven M. Fast and Myles J. Laffey



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