Section Launches New Web Site


The Section has launched its new Web site, The site highlights the most recent postings and publications right on the home page, so Section members can quckly find out about the latest additions to the site. The new site design also provides enhanced navigation. A menu bar that appears on the left side of every page allows visitors to access all parts of the site from any page. For example, someone who visits the Web site to view the Web page of a particular committee can jump directly from that page to the Section's list of publications, a preview of the next Section meeting or a list of the Section's listservs.

Every Section committee already has its own home page, and the staff looks forward to filling the new Web site with more pages full of useful information at the start of the 21st century.

A committee chair who wants to add information to the committee's Web page should contact Rob King, Technology Manager, at (312) 988-5540 or by e-mail at kingr@staff.

ABA Network Member Only Access

Section members moving through the Section's Web site may run into links marked with a . These pages have been designated for RPTE Section members only. When the user clicks on the link, a pop-up box asks for a user name and password, which will allow the user into areas marked as private for members of a particular Section, Division, Forum or Committee.

Links marked with the ABA icon are accessible by members of the ABA only. Members need not belong to a particular section to access these links. To access, the user should enter his or her "user name" as his or her name and his or her last name as the password and click OK.

For additional information on member only access, contact Rob King at (312) 988-5540 or kingr@staff.

Future Institute on Web Site

The text of the Real Property "Future Institute" held at the spring meeting in May has been posted on the Section's Web site. It includes a panel discussion featuring Sam Zell and a slide presentation from noted economist Christine Chmura. At the meeting this distinguished group of real estate business people discussed the near- and far-term future of the real estate industry.

To find the text of this discussion at the Web site, go to This presentation is accessible for Section members only. See above for access instructions.

Send RPPT Your E-mail Address

In an effort to make the Internet a more valuable resource for its members, the Section will soon be launching an on-line newsletter exclusively for members. The Section office is compiling a list of current e-mail addresses of Section members. To make sure you receive this upcoming publication, send your e-mail address in a message to Be sure to include your full name and ABA ID number as well.


The 11th Annual Real Property & Estate Planning Symposium will be held March 22-26, 2000 in South Miami Beach, Florida. Details of the meeting schedule, activities and accommodations will be announced in future issues of Probate & Property and on the Section Web site. Section members may also contact the Section office for details at (312) 988-6233.


Section publications are currently in need of volunteer editors, and vacancies in editorial positions may arise in the future. Editorial position opportunities exist in the Books & Media Division, the Real Property, Probate & Trust Journal and Probate & Property magazine. If you have an interest in serving as a volunteer editor, please contact the following  individuals:

* for Books & Media, Roger D. Winston, 1010 Wayne Ave., Suite 1000, Silver Spring, MD 20910-5615, e-mail:;

* for the Real Property Probate & Trust Journal, Amy M. Hess, 1505 Cumberland Ave., Knoxville, TN 37916-3199, e-mail:; and

* for Probate & Property, Susan G. Talley, 546 Carondelet St., New Orleans, LA 70130-3588, e-mail:

Section publications provide an excellent opportunity to work with colleagues throughout the Section, learn about additional areas of the law and hone one's writing skills.

Section News Editor: Antonette Smith, 750 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60611.

Probate & Property Magazine is published six times annually and is included in section members' annual dues.