Section News

Meeting Update
The Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section will hold its fall meeting in Tucson, Arizona, Nov. 14-17, 1996. Various business meetings and new committee chair orientation are scheduled. Approximately 40 new committee chairs were invited to attend and learn the ins and outs of committee leadership.

In the future, new committee chair orientation will take place at the Spring CLE and Committee Meeting. Section members should plan to attend the new "super-combined" spring meeting in May 1997 in Washington, D.C. Section members will receive more information on the 1997 Spring CLE and Committee Meeting in January.

Current Publications
The Section has published two new books to benefit its membership. Title Insurance: A Comprehensive Overview by James Godsin considers the role of title insurance and the many policies that exist. The book also compares and contrasts different title insurance policies; outlines the commonly used title insurance endorsements; and details state laws relating to title insurance through easy-to-understand charts. The book includes commentaries after each provision and explains issues related to title insurance such as tort liability.

Wills, Trust and Technology: An Estate Lawyer's Guide To Automation by Daniel B. Evans guides lawyers through the process of automating an estate practice. Written for both beginning and expert computer users, the guide explains why a lawyer should automate an estate practice and what should be automated; how to select the best software for one's needs; and how to get the law office up and running with the software selected. To order either or both books, call the ABA Member Services Department at (312) 988-5522.

Committee Update
The Real Property Group K committees, Commercial and Industrial Leasing, have been restructured from eight to ten committees. The reorganization is an attempt to provide a committee for each major leasing category while maintaining some of the most popular "specialty" committees. The objectives are to entice more lawyers to join Group K committees and to permit Group K to continue to produce first class CLE presentations and publications. The revised committee group includes:

Condition of the Premises Committee (K-1)
Eugene J. Grant, chair; Dennis Greenwald, vice-chair

Retail Leasing Committee (K-2)
Barry B. Nekritz, chair; Thomas Daniel Kearns and Elizabeth Belkin, vice-chairs

Insurance and Casualty Committee (K-3)
Sanford J. Liebschutz; chair; Ann Peldo Cargile, vice-chair

Office Leasing Committee (K-4)
Michael J. Glazerman, chair; John B. Wood and Alan M. DiSciullo, vice-chairs

Remedies and Miscellaneous Clauses Committees (K-5)
Sidney G. Saltz, chair; Orlando Lucero, vice-chair

Industrial and Warehouse Leasing Committee (K-6)
Martin P. Miner, chair; Mark A. Senn and Dennis Gannan, vice-chairs

Specialized Leases Committee (K-7)
Roseleen P. Rick, chair; Richard B. Montgomery, vice-chair

Leasing Publications Committee (K-8)
Dennis M. Horn, chair; Celeste Hammond, vice-chair

Assignment and Subleasing Committee (K-9)
Bruce E. Cavitt, chair; Richard M. Frome, vice-chair

Emerging Issues Committee (K-10)
Kenneth L. Samuelson, chair; Jo Ann M. Marzullo, vice-chair

The Probate & Trust Division, which was restructured in August 1996, seeks to enhance the membership of its 63 committees and help Section members become more involved. To learn more about Probate and Trust committees and their projects or to sign up for membership on either a Probate & Trust or a Real Property committee, contact the section at

Leadership Changes
Joseph Kartiganer will replace Anne K. Hilker as a member of the Probate & Trust Sub-Council and JoAnne P. Elliott will serve as Assistant Secretary to the Real Property Sub-Council, replacing N. Linda Goldstein.

Probate & Property Magazine is published six times annually and is included in section members' annual dues.