1996 Annual Meeting

The Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section will be presenting 40 continuing legal education programs at the 1996 ABA Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida this August. Programs will include:

Real Property Programs:

  • 8th Annual Fundamentals of Real Estate Taxation
  • Real Estate Financing Potpourri
  • David v. Goliath: Landowner Rights and Urban Planning, an Interactive Symposium
  • Consumer Fraud and Abuses in Commercial and Residential Property Transactions
  • ADR is Here to Stay
  • The Odd Duck Leases
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, Virtual Companies, Out-Sourcing and Other Assignments and
  • Subleasing Headaches
  • Commercial Leasing, Property Tax and Affordable Housing Breakfasts
  • Keeping the Leased Premises Safe: Landlord's Obligations and Tenant's Rights
  • Zoning, Affordable Housing and Homelessness
  • Defending Business Taxpayers and Exempt Organizations Against Property Tax Assessments
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Letters of Intent
  • Holdover Clauses, or Tenants Overstaying Their Welcome
  • A Guide to Affordable Housing and Community Development
  • Title Insurance Hot Topics Potpourri -- What's New in Title Insurance
  • Security Deposits, or Take the Money and Run
  • Wetlands Mitigation Alternatives
  • Living With What You've Drafted: Real Estate Finance Hot Tips and Workshop
  • Responding to the "Invisible" Disabilities: New Developments in the Law of Reasonable
  • Accommodations Under the Fair Housing Amendments Act
  • Environmental Risk Shifting
  • Restatement of Mortgage: From the Experts
  • Recording Bottlenecks; Problems and Solutions
  • Proposed Form Changes in AIA Documents
  • It's Not the Money; It's the Money (ethics program)
  • 10th Annual Current Trends in Securitization

Probate and Trust Programs:

This year, in addition to traditional CLE at a basic level, the Probate and Trust Division will be holding "Open Group Meeting/Workshops." This format will provide opportunities to discuss issues, problems and solutions with a varied group of lawyers from different parts of the country and different types of practices, as well as to learn about current issues and practice techniques.

Committee Groups that will be holding these meetings/workshops include:

  • Significant Current Developments
  • Estate Planning for Families and Other Beneficiaries
  • Estate Planning for Business Owners
  • Charitable Planning and Exempt Organizations
  • Elder Law and Disability Planning
  • Employee Benefits Plans
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Planning
  • Litigation and Controversy
  • Planning Issues in Fiduciary Administration
  • Insurance Investment and Financial Planning
  • Ethical Issues Confronting Lawyers Acting in Other Roles
  • Technology in the Probate and Trust Practice
Traditional Probate and Trust CLE at a basic level will include:
  • Drafting Wills and Trusts
  • Drafting Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
  • A Guide to Planning and Administering Estates
Program materials in hard copy, and in audiocassettes form will be available after the Annual Meeting. Please call Michelle Turner at (312) 988-5263 in the Chicago staff office for more information (after August 10). Programs will be MCLE accredited. Besides CLE, the Section will be offering about 80 committee meetings for members who: are currently working on committees, would like to become more involved, and/or are just curious about committee activity and projects. All Section members are invited to attend.

The Section headquarters will be at the Walt Disney Swan Hotel in Orlando. Continuing legal education programs and committee meetings will be held August 4-6. The deadline for advance registration is July 10.

For registration/housing information, call International Travel Service at (847) 940-2124.

ABA Web Site

When the ABA's new Web site at debuted in March 1995, the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section was one of the first Sections to open its own Web site at that site. Over the past year, the Section has developed three Internet listservs (electronic e-mail discussion groups):

  • DIRT, for real property issues;
  • ABA-PLT, for probate; and estate planning issues; and
  • LNET-LLC for limited liability company and related entity issues.
Instructions for subscribing to these listservs can be found on the Section's Web site at /rppt/listservs.html.

Other listservs are currently being developed; information on these will be available soon.

Probate & Property Magazine is published six times annually and is included in section members' annual dues.