Tilting the Litigation Playing Field under the Uniform Trust Code: The Availability of Temporary Injunctive Relief in Trustee Removal Actions

By Julian C. Zebot and Evan A. Nelson
The Litigation Field of Play

The Litigation Field of Play


As Minnesota trust and estate litigators (and long-suffering football fans), please briefly indulge the authors as we attempt to apply a sports metaphor to the context of trust litigation: In 1998, Randy Moss joined the Minnesota Vikings, immediately dominating play to the point that commentators, coaches, and fans saw him as almost single-handedly tilting the playing field in his team’s favor. Moss was simply faster, taller, and quicker than any defender assigned to cover him. What the football world saw was that, even among the 21 other players on the field, Moss was so important that he could single-handedly disrupt the competitive balance of the entire game.

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