2019-20 Section Leadership

The Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law welcomes itsnew leadership board:

Section Chair

Jo-Ann Marzullo, Wakefield, MA


Stephanie Loomis-Price, Houston, TX

Real Property Division Vice-Chair

Robert C. Paul, East Hampton, NY

Trust and Estate Division Vice-Chair

Hugh F. Drake, Springfield, IL

Finance & Corporate Sponsorship Officer

Rana H. Salti, Chicago, IL

Section Secretary

James G. Durham, Dayton, OH

Section Delegates to House of Delegates

Jo Ann Engelhardt, Palm Beach, FL

Orlando Lucero, Albuquerque, NMDennis M. Horn, Washington, DC

Real Property Council Members

Jack Fersko, Roseland, NJ

Marie Antoinette Moore, New Orleans, LA

Daniel Q. Orvin, Charleston, SC

Sterling S. Willis, New Orleans, LA

Christina Jenkins , Dallas, TX

Cheryl A. Kelly, St. Louis, MO

Joseph Lubinski, Denver, CO

John P. McNearney, St. Louis, MO

Brent C. Shaffer, Wilmington, DE

Kellye Curtis Clarke, Alexandria, VA

Wogan Bernard, New Orleans, LA

Soo Yeon Lee, Chicago, IL

Assistant Secretary, Real Property Division

Tanya D. Marsh, Winston-Salem, NC

Trust and Estate Council Members

Elizabeth Lindsay-Ochoa, Boston, MA

David S. Neufeld, Princeton, NJ

Robert N. Sacks, Los Angeles, CA

James Richard Carey, Chicago, IL

Karen E. Boxx, Seattle, WA

Gerard G. Brew, Newark, NJ

Amy Morris Hess, Knoxville, TN

Benetta P. Jenson, Chicago, IL

Robert D. Steele, New York, NY

Karen Sandler Steinert, Minneapolis, MN

Henry Talavera, Dallas, TX

Ryan Walsh, Chicago, IL

Assistant Secretary, Trust and Estate Division

Mary E. Vandenack, Omaha, NE

Section Nominations Committee

Pursuant to Section Bylaw §6.1(f), the names of the Section’s 2019-2020 Nominations Committee and the Section officer and council positions to be elected at the 2020 Section Annual Meeting are set forth below. Any Section member wishing to suggest a nomination should send the suggested nomination to one of the Nominations Committee members listed below.

Nominations Committee

Chair: Elizabeth C. Lee, Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP, 1200 Nineteenth Street, N.W., Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036

Vice Chair: David M. English, University of Missouri, C/O 1103 Sunset Drive, Columbia, MO 65203

Members: Benetta P. Jenson, JP Morgan Private Bank, 21 S. Clark Street, 8th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603-2021

Soo Yeon Lee, Mauck & Baker, L.L.C., Ste. 600, 1 N. La Salle Street, Chicago, IL 60602

James E. A. Slaton, Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann, 301 Main Street, Suite 1150, Baton Rouge, LA 70825

Positions to be elected for service commencing September 1, 2020

Office Incumbent Eligible for Re-nomination?

Chair-Elect Stephanie Loomis-Price Section Chair (Automatic)

Real Property DivisionVice Chair Robert C. Paul Eligible for nomination as Chair-Elect

Trust and Estate DivisionVice Chair Hugh F. Drake Eligible for re-nomination as Trust and Estate Division Vice Chair

Finance and CorporateSponsorship Officer Rana H. Salti Eligible for re-nomination

Section Secretary James G. Durham Eligible for re-nomination

Section Delegates Jo Ann Engelhardt Eligible for re-nomination

Dennis M. Horn Eligible for re-nomination

Real Property Council Members Jack Fersko Eligible for re-nomination

Christina Jenkins Eligible for re-nomination

S. Scott Willis Eligible for re-nomination

Marie A. Moore NOT eligible for re-nomination

Daniel Q. Orvin NOT eligible for re-nomination

RP Assistant Secretary Tanya D. Marsh Eligible for re-nomination

Trust and Estate Council Members James R. Carey Eligible for re-nomination

Elizabeth Lindsay-Ochoa Eligible for re-nomination

David S. Neufeld NOT eligible for re-nomination

Robert N. Sacks NOT eligible for re-nomination

TE Assistant Secretary Mary F. Vandenack Eligible for re-nomination