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Trees—A Unique Branch of Law

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Although this question might be an interesting conversation starter at a party of intellectuals, a more practical question might be, If a tree in my yard falls onto my neighbor’s property, am I liable for damages? Or, May I eat fruit from my neighbor’s tree if the branches holding the fruit overhang my property? This article will address many of these questions commonly asked of real property practitioners. Naturally, a practitioner should consult the law in the state in which he practices before advising a client asking these or similar questions.

Real Estate

Where Are All the Automation Tools for Real Estate Lawyers? And Why We Should Welcome Them

It’s 8:05 a.m. Your coffee cup is full. A client has asked you, a prominent real estate attorney with a number of years of experience, to draft a lease/easement/offer. What is your next step? Do you call in your second year associate, explain the terms the client wants, have the associate make a first draft, and then review and revise it? Do you dig through your drawer of prior documents...