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Real Estate

Alternative Financing for Commercial Real Estate—A Primer on Adding EB-5 Capital and Tax Credits to the Capital Stack

Locating cost-efficient sources of mezzanine financing remains a key to structuring commercial real estate acquisitions and development successfully. The cost of financing through the U.S. Immigrant Investor Program, better known as the “EB-5 Program,” or through various federal tax credits, is much less than traditional private equity funding. The challenge is to plan ahead to line up the source of capital whose pricing, timing, and risk complement the project.

Real Estate

Finding the Middle Ground, Or the Act All Intended Parties Believe Favors the Other Guy—An Overview of the Uniform Home Foreclosure Procedures Act

When the real estate recession hit in tsunami proportions, courts became flooded with mortgage foreclosure suits of single family residences in ways that were historic, creating docket backlogs in courts that ran and are still running years behind. Homeowners complained that lenders were unsympathetic to the loss of jobs they suffered, and lenders complained that homeowners were living rent-free for years. Unfortunately, both were correct.