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September/October 2023 Issue

Articles featured in the Probate & Property Magazine - September/October 2023, Volume 37, Number 5 issue: Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Collect $200! Do Asset Protection Trusts Carry a Mandatory “Go to Jail” Card? Should They?; Show Me the Money: A Primer on Real Estate Private Equity Funds; Biden’s 2024 Green Book Tax Proposals: What “Fair Share” Taxation Means for Estate Planning; New Strategies for Reducing the Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Building Materials; Maximizing Efficiency in Estate Administration: The Role of Paralegals; Helping Good Get to Great: The Power of an Effective Mentoring Process; A Brief Primer on the Fiduciary Duties of Real Estate Brokers; The Most Important Things to Know When Insuring Lease Work Letter Construction Projects, Part One: Liability Insurance; Using LLCs to Purchase and Own Rental Property; and Tax Incentives for Conservation Easements in Headlines Lately.

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