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Introducing the RPTE Special Committee on Career Development & Wellness

As part of RPTE’s ongoing effort to deliver value to its members, the Section has launched the Special Committee on Career Development & Wellness. The mission of the committee is to provide an array of resources that support attorneys throughout the continuum of their careers.

Career Development & Wellness

Career Development & Wellness

Career Development & Wellness

The committee is working on several undertakings on both career development and wellness, the first of which is Midweek Mindfulness, beginning on September 15th. Midweek Mindfulness will be a 15-20 live mindfulness session presented every Wednesday at Noon Central time by Chill Anywhere (the dynamic organization that has led mindfulness programs at RTPE meetings over the last year). Only RTPE members will be able to access Midweek Mindfulness, and they will do so through the Chill Anywhere app that also will give them access to all of Chill Anywhere’s extensive content. Midweek Mindfulness currently is scheduled for five trial sessions, September 15th through October 13th, with plans to continue it if you, our members, find it to be a valuable member benefit.  Please watch for upcoming email blasts on how to download the Chill Anywhere app and access Midweek Mindfulness and other Chill Anywhere content. 

The committee is currently organizing a series of roundtable discussions, training sessions, and other options for content delivery and encourages Section members to contact any committee member with suggestions for future committee programming on career development or wellness.

Chill Anywhere

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Jim Durham (RP)
  • Crystal Patterson (TE)

Committee Members

  • Abigail Earthman (TE)
  • Dana Fitzsimons (TE)
  • Lilly Gerontis (RP)
  • Soo Yeon Lee (RP)
  • Nancy Little (RP)
  • Marie Moore (RP)
  • Kelly Perez (TE)
  • Mary Vandenack (TE)

Career Transitions Series

Nothing in life is certain except for change. Career transitions are one type of such change. In this six-part series, experienced trust and estates and real estate attorney panelists will relay their first-hand experience on how they successfully navigated career moves and offer sage advice to others contemplating make similar change.