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The Litigation and Ethics Group provides resources for (1) the resolution of real estate disputes through litigation, arbitration, mediation or otherwise, and (2) the recognition and understanding of the ethical and professionalism issues that confront real estate practitioners in the course of both the transactional and litigation sides of the practice. We keep our members abreast of developments in case law and sponsor informal presentations and  formal CLE offerings on issues relevant to litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and ethics and professionalism.

Ethics and Professionalism

This committee promotes the ethical and professional responsibility of the legal profession in real estate transactions. The committee produces programs and publications designed to work directly with Section members to achieve this goal.

Real Property Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

This committee evaluates issues relating to real property litigation. The committee focuses on new developments in the law as it relates to real estate development, investment, leasing and land use and provides guidance to legal and real estate professionals on how they can avoid litigation and/or avail themselves of various methods of alternative dispute resolution (including mediation and arbitration).