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The Legal Education and Uniform Laws Group works across the spectrum of property law on subjects of interest to either the Real Property Division or the Trusts and Estates Division that involve the teaching of property law or the development of uniform state laws.

Legal Education

The Legal Education Committee informs law professors of current practices in real property, trusts and estates; advises practitioners on real property, trusts and estates law scholarship issues; conducts workshops on teaching methods, materials, examinations and real property, trusts and estates curriculum; discusses scholarship-in-progress and emerging areas of law and practice in real property, trusts and estates; and provides opportunities for members to participate in publication projects.

Uniform Laws

The Uniform Laws Committee is responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and promoting uniform state laws involving the law of real property, trusts and estates. The committee reports to the RPTE section council on current projects of the Uniform Law Commission (ULC), and provides recommendations and assistance to the two boards that monitor and review uniform laws: the Joint Editorial Board on Uniform Real Property Acts, and the Joint Editorial Board on Uniform Trust and Estate Acts. The committee often sponsors CLE programming on uniform laws in development or recently approved. Committee members may also work to promote the adoption of uniform laws by state legislatures when appropriate.