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The committees monitors judicial and legislative developments in eminent domain law, including statutory condemnation and inverse condemnation matters, nationwide. The committees consists of a diverse group of eminent domain practitioners representing condemnors and landowners alike to provide insight on all types of takings, like highways/roadways, pipelines, powerlines, and other unique takings. The committee’s programing addresses valuation, right-to-take, and related issues specifically for eminent domain practitioners in addition to current events and media/news coverage of takings that are of interest to all real estate practitioners.


The committee monitors judicial and legislative developments in eminent domain law, and provides programming on publications on condemnation issues.


This committee focuses on a wide range of environmental issues impacting the ownership, operation, use, management, and financing of real estate, including evolving environmental issues stemming from climate change, and monitors trends and recent developments in environmental law at the federal, state, and local levels.

Governmental Incentives

This committee’s focus is to keep abreast of developments in governmental incentives being offered at the federal, state and local levels in the real estate context, as well as incentives that can be provided through real estate developments involving joint efforts with public entities and private developers. This committee also focuses on the process by which a governmental entity initiates or stimulates private development of public property, “privatization,” and public assistance in real estate financing.

Land Use and Zoning

This committee focuses on governmental regulation (both judicially and legislatively initiated) of the use of real property, including substantive and procedural subjects.

Property Tax

This committee develops materials and provides information regarding issues and new developments of general interest concerning the state and local taxation of real estate. This committee also comments on relevant case law and legislation related to real property taxation.