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The Hospitality Group focuses on the varied and numerous issues involving the development, structuring, management and operation of resorts, hotels, and common interest communities such as condominiums, timeshares, and planned communities. There are two committees within the Group, each of which specifically addresses its designated subject matter (although the reis often a significant amount of overlap between the committees). Each committee pursues the unique issues presented in the irrespective areas of practice, including such issues as the acquisition, financing, development, operation, management and disposition of these special types of development. The two committees are:

  • Common Interest Development and Timesharing Committee 
  • Hotels, Resorts and Tourism Committee

In addition to the materials available here, our Group also hosts a number of hot topics calls and sponsors eCLE programs throughout the year. We look forward to your involvement with our Group.

Common Interest Development and Timesharing

This committee’s work focuses primarily on development and financing issues related to community association projects. The committee regularly reviews statutory, regulatory and case law that affects developers of community associations, as well as the documentation related thereto, and the operation and administration of community association projects. Subcommittees explore issues related to mixed-use condominiums, FNMA, FHLMC, VA and FHA requirements, Fair Housing Act implications, senior condominiums and other current issues relating to the committee’s subject matter. This committee also focuses on the development, financing, registration and sale of timeshares and interval uses, as well as vacation clubs and exchange companies. Specifically, all issues regarding condominium and non-condominium timeshare products, other forms of interval uses and personal property timesharing fall within the purview of this committee, regardless of the legal structure actually employed.

Hotels, Resorts and Tourism

This committee considers matters relevant to the acquisition, development, financing, operation and disposition of hotels and resorts, and related developments and amenities.