Past Event Info & Materials

2011 Annual Meeting Program

Program: Nuclear Regulation in North America after Fukushima Daiichi


2009 Annual Meeting Program Presentations

Program: Gas and Electric Infrastructure for the 21st Century: Viewpoints from Diverse Energy Supply Leaders

Energy, Economy, Environment, and the Future Dirk E. Andreas

The Next Generation of Nuclear Power in America Tom P. Bishop

Meeting the Nation’s Energy Demands in the 21st Century and Beyond: A Focus on Environmental Developments Carrie J. Hightman

ITC Daniel J. Oginsky

2009 Annual Spring Meeting Program Materials

Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Sector Infrastructure--Where We Are, What We Need

S Neff ABA 2009

Post 9/08 Liquidity and Finance Challenges for Capital Intensive Industries

Haynes ABA 3 23 09 Finance and Liquidity Final

Robert Stowe Presentation March 23 2009

The Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus

Grumbles ABA Water-Energy Talk

 Staudenmaeier Water Requirements for Power Generation

Nuclear Energy--Changes in Priorities and Technology

Bergman-Challenges and Successes for New Reactor Licensing

Horine ABA Nuclear Panel discussion 03 23 2009

Flint1STATUS REPORT - Status and Outlook for Nuclear Energy in US - Feb 2009

Fllint2STATUS REPORT - State Legislation Regulations Supporting Nuc Plant Const - Feb 2009