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The ABA Fund for Justice and Education is 501(c)(3) charitable fund that support the public service and educational programs of the American Bar Association.

The Standing Committee is part of the ABA’s Division for Public Services, an ABA department dedicated to applying the knowledge and experience of the legal profession to promotion of the public good. To learn more about the Division and its other constituent entities, please visit the Division's website.

From its inception, the Standing Committee has pursued its objectives through a diverse program of scholarship, conferences, workshops, and publications. One measure of the Committee's effectiveness is the growth in recent years of the field it pioneered. The number of accredited law schools offering courses on national security law has increased from one in 1974 to 83 in 1994. Today almost every accredited law school offers national security law coursework. The Committee is also proud to sponsor an annual National Security Law Student Writing Competition, Women in National Security programs and several careers in the national security law events held throughout the year.

The Standing Committee itself is comprised of eleven members appointed by the ABA President for staggered three year terms. Over the years, the Standing Committee has included among its members individuals who have served as Senators and Representatives, Director of Central Intelligence, Secretary of the Army, Deputy Secretary of Labor, ambassadors, legal advisers to the Department of State and National Security Council, general counsels to the Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, several military services, and key congressional committees; and a diverse range of prominent scholars from the nation's preeminent law schools.

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Chair: James E. Baker
Advisory Committee Chair: Harvey Rishikof
Board of Governors Liaison: Penina K. Lieber
Staff: Holly McMahon

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