ProBAR Children's Project Testimonials

Client Testimonials

You have given me a new future.  Thank you.

– Franclir, age 17, Guatemala.  Franclir, with the help of pro bono attorneys, was granted Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and is now a lawful permanent resident


Thank you for your time and for believing in me.  With much love, for (redacted).  I love you a lot.  People like you are very difficult to find in the world.  You are very special for me.  May God bless you today, tomorrow and always.

– For a ProBAR paralegal from a detained child

I am so blessed.  I came here with nothing and I received wonderful help through ProBAR.

– Elber, age 17, Guatemala.  Elber, with the help of a pro bono attorney, was granted Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and is now a lawful permanent resident


With lots of care for a very special person, and much love.  May God bless you always.

– For a ProBAR paralegal from a detained child

I thank the people at ProBAR for helping me. I am where I am now because of them. Thanks to you I continued on. I think the following of them: sometimes people come into our lives and they soon leave. Quickly we realize that it happens because it should be like that, to serve a purpose; to teach a lesson; to discover who we are in reality; to show us what we want to achieve.

– José David, age 18, Honduras, granted asylum

That day, I never would have imagined I would win asylum. I had already lost hope, but the day that they gave me asylum to let me stay in the U.S. I felt truly so happy. I still remember that day, and how I wanted to cry out of happiness. Now I have the opportunity to work and go to school, all thanks to the case that I won with the help of ProBAR. The people from ProBAR helped incredibly because I did not know how to be here in the U.S., how to get papers, how to fight a case, or what to do. Thank you for helping me in the courts and helping me to win my case. I have made the most of my right to stay in the U.S. I am going to keep on fighting, because I know that to have won asylum is not an easy thing to do, and neither were the things that happened to me. But I have kept on going, and I will keep on going.

 – Glendy, age 17, Guatemala, granted asylum


– For a ProBAR paralegal from a detained child

ProBAR is like an angel for the undocumented minors that come to this country. They offer us a hand. All the youth, when we are in the shelters, have so much to thank them for because almost all that we have here we owe to this program. To all the employees that work at ProBAR, to be able to do the labor that they do, I want to tell them that they are people that help from their heart and worry about the wellbeing of all of us minors that arrive and only try to do the best for someone, giving us an opportunity to study and be good people. I see my lawyer like another angel that crossed my path, and without receiving or expecting anything in return, he fought to find me an opportunity in this country. Personally, thanks to ProBAR and the people that work there, I learned to see differently. I learned to change, to be a new person and to value what I have.

– Byron, age 16, Honduras, granted asylum


– For a ProBAR paralegal from a detained child

For me, ProBAR is an aid project that helps a lot of people. I was one of them that they helped. I am very happy because I do not have worries now that something bad is going to happen to me. And for me, it was an honor to know people that wanted the best for me, and that is what has motivated me to get ahead and never give up. I am happy because they are giving me another opportunity. I miss everyone there. God bless you, my friends.

– Herson, age 14, El Salvador, granted asylum