March 08, 2011

Climate Change

Climate Change

American Bar Association
Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
Standing Committee on Environmental Law
Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice
Section of International Law
Section of State and Local Government Law
Young Lawyers Division

RESOLVED , that the American Bar Association urges the United States government to take a leadership role in addressing the issue of climate change through legal, policy, financial, and educational mechanisms.

FURTHER RESOLVED , that the American Bar Association urges Congress to enact and the President to sign legislation that would:

  1. Cap and reduce United States greenhouse gas emmissions to help prevent the rise of worldwide atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations to dangerous levels;
  2. Utilize market mechanisms designed to minimize compliance costs, such as cap and trade, carbon taxation, or emissions trading;
  3. Recognize and incorporate sustainable development principles;
  4. Increase fuel economy and energy efficiency standards, promote greater use of renewable energy, promote fuel diversity through the use of carbon neutral or low carbon technologies that reduce, eliminate, or sequester emissions of greenhouse gases and minimize costs of controls or mitigation measures;
  5. Provide for broad coverage of various sectors of the economy responsible for greenhouse gas emissions;
  6. Enable the United States to adapt to existing and projected climate changes in a way that minimizes individual hardship, damage to its natural resources, and economic cost;
  7. Coordinate and integrate state and local actions into a federal program; and
  8. Require the United States government to encourage all other countries to take steps to limit their greenhouse gas emissions so that worl levels of emissions will be reduced to prevent dangerous anthropogenic climate change.

FURTHER RESOLVED , that the American Bar Association urges the United States government to engage in active international discussions and to negotiate and ratify treates or other agreements to address and reduce climate change.

Adopted by the ABA House of Delegates, February 11, 2008, Los Angeles, CA.

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