Center for Public Interest

The Center for Public Interest provides expertise for programs and activities that lend focus, voice, and visibility to the Association’s public service and public interest role.

Center for Public Interest Entities

Special Committee on Bioethics and the Law

The Special Committee on Bioethics and the Law is a unique entity in that it is comprised of four At-Large members and representatives of 16 Association entities.

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Cybersecurity Legal Task Force

The task force will examine risks posed by criminals, terrorists and nations that hope to steal personal and financial information, disrupt critical infrastructure, and wage a new kind of warfare on a battlefield of ones and zeros.

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Standing Committee on Election Law

The Standing Committee on Election Law and its Advisory Commission comprise a unique entity in that it has been structured as a clearly bi-partisan body. Members are not only appointed based on their election law experience, but careful attention is paid to ensure that the Committee does not become unbalanced in terms of political ideology. The work of the Standing Committee centers on all aspects of the electoral process, thus, as advances in technology and changes in the electorate occur, the Committee remains committed to providing the Association with the most current programming and policy recommendations.

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Commission on Homelessness and Poverty

The Commission is committed to educating the bar and the public about homelessness and poverty and the ways in which the legal community and advocates can assist those in need.

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Commission on Immigration

The Commission directs the Association’s efforts to ensure fair treatment and full due process rights for immigrants and refugees within the United States.

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Standing Committee on the Law Library of Congress

The Standing Committee serves as the Association’s connection to and voice of the legal profession concerning the continued development and effective operation of the Law Library of Congress (LLC). The LLC is the world’s largest collection of law books and associated legal materials, with a growing electronic database to access those resources.

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Standing Committee on Law & National Security

From its inception, the Standing Committee has pursued its objectives through a diverse program of scholarship, conferences, workshops, and publications. One measure of the Committee's effectiveness is the growth in recent years of the field it pioneered. The number of accredited law schools offering courses on national security law has increased from one in 1974 to 83 in 1994. Today almost every accredited law school offers national security law coursework. The Committee is also proud to sponsor an annual National Security Law Student Writing Competition, Women in National Security programs and several careers in the national security law events held throughout the year.

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Public Interest Law

The practice of public interest law encompasses protection of individual rights, advancement of justice, and improvements for the good of the general public. All of these important objectives can be accomplished through a variety of means and settings. The Division is committed to providing programming and other resources to help lawyers accomplish these important goals.

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