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November 10, 2022

Immigration Pro Bono: You Don’t Need to Know It All on Day One

Date:  November 10, 2022 


Immigration is an exciting area of law that offers a range of ways for pro bono attorneys and volunteers to get involved and work directly with clients, from court appearances to filing forms to one-time legal clinics. Immigration law’s intricacies are inviting to some and intimidating for others. In this virtual training, experts will explain that one does not need to “know it all” before taking a case in immigration! 

Experts will share insights and experience with collecting and using pro bono resources, staying up to date on immigration law and procedure, and the rewarding nature of working in immigration law. 

The presentation aims to deliver tailored guidance for advocates considering immigration cases or those who have current immigration cases and are looking for additional resources and guidance.


  • Bonnie Fought, ABA Commission on Immigration Advisory Board Member,  

  • Ambreen Walji, Pro Bono Manager, ABA Immigration Justice Project, 

  • Sarah Burrows, Director of Pro Bono & Partnerships, HIAS,  

  • Morgan Hanna Adams, Staff Attorney, Mid-South Immigration Advocates, Pro Bono Coordinator, Welcome South 

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