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Homeless Court Resources


Promising Practices in Prosecutor-Led Diversion (Fair and Just Prosecution, 2017)

Event Materials

National Center for State Courts Tiny Chat 

Judge Libby Hines discusses Michigan's 15th Judicial District's Street Outreach Court, and the Commission on Homelessness and Poverty.

Taking the Court to the Street: A Roundtable on Homeless Courts

A guide that contains information on 16 homeless courts in CA plus 8 homeless courts across the nation. It contains the ABA's policies related to homeless courts, and was prepared for a roundtable in Alameda, CA in 2006.

Homeless Courts Conference Coursebook

The Homeless Court Conference Course Book contains the materials circulated at the ABA National Conference on Homeless Courts on October 8, 2004 at the Institute for Peace & Justice in San Diego, CA.

Decriminalization Materials

(Webinar Recording) Sharing the Solution: Police-Court Partnerships to Address Homelessness

Ft. Commission Special Advisor and Homeless Court Founder Steve Binder

Jurisdiction-Specific Resources

Columbia, South Carolina

Homeless Court Brochure Trifold

Homeless Court Presentation

One Pagers

View the Homeless Court One Pager.

View the Homeless Court Best Practices companion page.


2021A607, adopted in August, 2021 (Homeless Court Principles)

2003MY116, adopted in February, 2003

2006A108A, adopted in August, 2006 (Homeless Court Principles)


Homeless and Community Court Program Blueprint (Judicial Council of California)

San Diego Homeless Court Program: A Process and Impact Evaluation

Read the study to learn more about how homeless courts can affect a community.

Stand Down

Taking the Court to Stand Down

The guide was prepared by the ABA Commission on Homelessness & Poverty and The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans in a joint effort to promote the replication of homeless courts at Stand Down events for homeless veterans across the country. It provides valuable insight to the necessary steps in creating a program.