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Advocacy Letter

The Advocacy letter/packet is a document presented to the court that verifies an individual’s successful participation in their chosen program. This letter speaks to the specific steps taken by an individual to overcome the forces that resulted in their homeless condition. 

The Advocacy letter should state: the date the individual entered the program; the programs or tasks that have been complete and challenges overcome. The Advocacy packet may include: Certificates, awards, tokens and participation in activities outside of the referring agency program. 

Among the positive steps that indicate an individual has moved forward are: staying sober, remaining in the program, attention to personal hygiene, utilizing education and employment resources (e.g. Literacy classes, computer training, resume development), and volunteer work. 

The HCP is focused on the individual’s accomplishments while reinforcing the importance of their being engaged in treatment.  The advocacy letter should emphasize the individual is making an effort to reclaim their life and move forward through the challenge of their condition. “That’s a start!” is Judge Valentine’s refrain after reading their advocacy letter and reviewing their packet. He acknowledges their success in the community, encouraging participants to continue on the road ahead and reinforcing the importance of remaining law abiding. 

This is an extension of the working relationship the caseworker has developed with their client. The letter addresses the progress an individual has made in moving from the streets through the program toward self-sufficiency.