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Elections, Homelessness, and Poverty

Tools and resources on voting rights and access for people experiencing homelessness and poverty

ABA Policy

Relevant policy from the ABA

Providing Civic Education on the Importance of Informed Voting , August 2017

Access to Mail Delivery for People Who Are Homeless, August 2005

Use of English Language, August 1997

Voting Rights, August 1993

ABA Resources

ABA Entities and Initiatives

ABA entities focused on voting topics or featuring voting resources and ABA-wide initiatives focused on voting topics

Poll Worker, Esq. 

Cybersecurity Legal Task Force

Grassroots Action Center

Section of State and Local Government Law

Standing Committee on Election Law

Standing Committee on Law and National Security

ABA Programming

Relevant ABA programming focused on voting and elections

(Webinar) COVID-19 and Voting Rights: Ensuring Full and Equal Participation, September 23, 2020 (Section of State and Local Government Law)

(Upcoming WebinarObstacles at Every Turn — Native Vote in a World of Coronavirus, October 1, 2020 (Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice)

Other Resources

For Service Providers, Advocates, and Organizations

(Webinar Recording) Our Homes, Our Votes: 2020 Organizes Housing Providers on Voter Registration and Turnout (National Low Income Housing Coalition)

How to Register Voters (National Coalition for the Homeless)

One-Pager: Why You Don't Need a Home to Vote (National Coalition for the Homeless)

Social Media Guide (National Coalition for the Homeless)

Other resources and toolkits from our national partners

Virtual Voter Engagement Strategies (National Low Income Housing Coalition)

Our Homes, Our Votes (National Low Income Housing Coalition)

Election Protection Information (866 Our Vote)

Voter Registration Toolkit (National Coalition for the Homeless)

You Don't Need a Home to Vote Campaign (National Coalition for the Homeless)


(Upcoming Webinar) October 6: Get Out the Vote: Opportunities to Mobilize People (National Low Income Housing Coalition)

State-Specific Rules and Resources

State-by-state indices of election laws, voting requirements, etc.

Identification Requirements by State (National Coalition for the Homeless)

What you need to register by state (National Conference of State Legislatures)