Past Events

The Commission has held or co-sponsored the following events.

2020 Events

(Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice) Webinar: Preparing for 2021 and Beyond: The Outlook for Public Interest Lawyers and Advocacy (12/15)

(Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice) Webinar: 2020 US Elections Aftermath: A Social Justice Policy Summit (12/9-12/10)  

Webinar: Emerging Innovative Racial Equity Focused Initiatives for Youth: Spotlight on Los Angeles, CA  (12/9) (View the recording here)

(Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law) Webinar: Eviction Crisis 2020: Past, Present, and Future (12/9)

(Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development) Webinar: The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America (11/17)

(Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice) Webinar: Ensuring Access to the Polls: How Lawyers Can Help (10/20)

(Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice) Webinar: Obstacles at Every Turn — Native Vote in a World of Coronavirus (10/1)

(Family Law Section) Webinar: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Litigating Custody Cases Involving Domestic Violence (9/16) 

(Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defense) CLE Webinar: What Will the Next 100 Years Hold for Access to Justice? The Future of Civil Legal Aid and Public Defense in America (7/29)

Coronavirus Programming:

(Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice) (CLE) Census 2020: What Lawyers With Inquiring Clients Should Know About Confidentiality and Other Issues (3/10)

HYLN Community Roundtable on Increasing Access to Legal Services for Youth Experiencing Homelessness in Central Texas (2/14, Austin, TX)

'Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice' Summit-Plenary at the 2020 ABA Midyear Meeting in Austin, Texas (2/14) (View the VIDEO below ft. Austin Mayor Steve Adler)

2019 Events

HYLN Community Roundtable on Increasing Access to Legal Services for Youth Experiencing Homelessness in Northern Virginia (11/15, Fairfax, VA)

NAEHCY (National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth) 2019 Conference (November 2-5)

(Section of State and Local Government Law) (ON-DEMAND CLE) The Demise of Single-Family Zoning and other Legal Strategies for Addressing Affordable Housing (10/11, Minneapolis, MN)

(WEBINAR) Unaccompanied Youth: A Vulnerable Population (9/27) ft. Commission Director Kelly Russo and Commissioner Michael Santos

ABA Annual Meeting, August, San Francisco, CA

Homeless Court at Stand Down (June 28-29, San Diego, California)

FREE CLE: Addressing the Legal Needs of Students Experiencing Homelessness (6/20)

Michigan Spring Meeting (June)

  • Functional Sentencing Forum (6/4, Troy, MI)
  • Homeless Court Community Forum (6/3, Flint, MI)
  • Homeless Youth Legal Network Community Roundtable (6/3, Detroit, MI)

Equal Justice Conference (May 9-11, Louisville, KY)

Montgomery County, Maryland, Community Forum: Alternatives to the Criminalization of Homelessness (4/26, Rockville, MD)

WEBINAR: Removing Barriers for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

National Summit on Youth Homelessness (March 18-19)

WEBINAR: UN General Comment 31 on Children in Street Situations, 2/28

WEBINAR: Educating Students Experiencing Homelessness, 2/13

Homeless Youth Learning Exchange: Improving Outcomes by Removing Legal Barriers in Southern Nevada, 1/25

2018 Events

Homeless Court Summit, 11/13 (San Diego, CA)

FYSB National Runaway & Homeless Youth Grantees Training, 11/1

How to Identify & Remove Legal Barriers: Practical Strategies for Providers, National Network for Youth (March)

Preventing Homelessness for System-Involved Youth

Providing Wrap-Around Services to Homeless Families

How to Identify and Remove Legal Barriers: Practical Strategies for Providers 2018 National Network for Youth

2017 Events

Class-Crits Annual Symposium, New Orleans, Louisiana (November)

2017 National Coalition for Homeless Veterans Conference: Yes, In My Backyard

International Summit on the Legal Needs of Street Youth (São Paulo, Brazil)

  • Group A2 Topics: Education; Comprehensive child welfare system; Access to information and privacy; Criminal justice system
  • Group B2 Topics: Non-discrimination based on social origin, property, birth/ other status (Traducción al español de los principios); Non-discrimination of LGBT youth; Children with disabilities (including those from trauma); De-stigmatize homelessness/changing the story
  • Group A3 Topics: Right to peaceful assembly (Tradução em português dos Princípios); Right to be heard and to expression (Traducción al español de los principios); Structural discrimination; Right to family (re-connection to family)
  • Group B3 Topics: Trafficking (sex and labor); Prevention from entering the street; Employment; Children and youth participation in the implementation of the comment; Access to justice
  • Group A4 Topics: Child rights approach as opposed to child protection (Tradução em português dos Princípios); Systems that discharge children and youth to homelessness; Gender, and factors underlying girls' development of street connections; Police (police sweeps, specialized training for the police)

2016 Events

ABA Annual Meeting (August, San Francisco)

Military Veterans Legal Services Network Summit (June 23-24, Washington, D.C.) ARTICLE

Collaborate to Advocate: Lawyers and Communities Working to End Poverty:

Homeless Court Program: Taking the Court to the Streets (2/19, Seattle, WA)

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans Legal Track

2015 Events

Promoting the Human Right to Food: Utilizing International Law Concepts and ABA Policy to Support State and Local Advocacy Efforts (11/18)

NLADA Annual Conference  Teamwork Matters: A Holistic Approach to Provide Legal Services to People who are Homeless New Orleans, LA, 11/5

ABA Annual Meeting, July, Chicago, Illinois

International Summit on the Legal Needs of Street Youth
(June 16-17, London, UK)

Collaborate to Advocate: Lawyers and Communities Working to End Poverty:

ABA Mid-Year Meeting, February, Houston, Texas: Eliminating Debt and Combatting Poverty: How to Effectively Address Consumer and Tax Debt, Child Support Arrearages and Court-Imposed Legal Financial Obligations (Materials) (Debtors Prisons) (2/6)

2014 Events

Veterans Child Support Initiative Summit (Nov. 20-21) 

Fighting Hunger in Maryland: From the Ground Up 4th Annual Conference

2014 Annual Meeting, August, Washington, D.C.

The War on Poverty: Is Every Lawyer a Soldier, or Are We Tilting at Windmills? July 28, 2014 • Washington, DC

Homeless Court at Stand Down: A Collaborative Effort to Assist Homeless Veterans, Strengthen Communities and Maximize Court Resources July 18-20 • San Diego, CA

Webinar: Social Security Retirement Strategies: Helping Your Clients Maximize Benefits (6/18) 

(6/6, Baltimore, MD): 6th Annual Veterans' Legal Assistance Conference and Training: An Opportunity to Serve Those Who Served Our Country

2014 National Coalition for Homeless Veterans Annual Conference: Bridging the Gap: May 28-30, Washington, DC

American Psychological Association-ABA National Conference (May 1-3, Washington, D.C.)

On Confronting Family and Community Violence:  The Role of Safe and Stable Housing in Preventing Exposure to Violence for Unaccompanied Youth

Ending the Criminalization of Homelessness: The Role of Courts, Lawyers and Advocates (Video)

CLE: (4/25,  San Francisco, CA)--In partnership with the California Administrative Office of the Courts and Center for Court Innovation. [Video]

War on Poverty Film Program: Film Screening and Panel Discussion, Inequality for All (3/24, Georgetown Law Center) [Video]

ABA Midyear Meeting, February 5-11, Chicago, Illinois

2014 Courts Summit (Agenda • Video

2013 Events

ABA Annual Meeting, August 8-13, San Francisco, California 

ABA Midyear Meeting, February 6-12, Dallas, Texas

2012 Events

ABA Annual Meeting, August 2-7, Chicago, Illinois

Homeless Court at Stand Down, July 13-15, San Diego, CA

ABA Midyear Meeting, February 1-7, New Orleans, Louisiana

2011 Events

ABA Annual Meeting, August 4-6, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ABA Midyear Meeting, February 9-14, Atlanta, Georgia: What is Worth Billions of Dollars, but is Worthless? Heir Property in America, and the Loss of African-American Land

2009 Events

Preventing Foreclosure: A Win-Win Solution for Everyone July 31, 2009, Chicago, Illinois

Homeless Court Training, July 17, 2009, San Diego, California, ft. Hon. Dennis Archer, ABA President (2003-2004); Mayor of Detroit, MI, 1994-2001