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Commission on Homelessness & Poverty

The Commission is committed to educating the bar and the public about homelessness and poverty and how the legal community and advocates can assist those in need.

April 24, 2pm ET - Addressing the Epidemic of Evictions – What Advocates Can Do on the Local, State, and National Levels

Please join the Commission on Homelessness & Poverty, RESULTS Educational Fund, and National Coalition for Civil Right to Counsel on Wednesday, April 24, at 2pm ET. With high housing costs and rent affordability still out of reach for many low-income households, evictions across the country are continuing to rise, with many states resuming after a pause during the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing housing stability and preventing evictions and homelessness should be a top priority for lawmakers – whether on the local, state, or national level. Panelists will provide an overview of the current state of eviction in the United States, discuss why this continues to be a problem, and what is being done to address it. Attendees will hear perspectives on the impact of evictions in communities and most importantly, what actions advocates can take to solve the eviction crisis, and what advocates, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, can do to help.

Fair Housing Futures: Fulfilling the Fair Housing Act’s Promise through the AFFH Rule - April 29, 1-2pm ET

Join CHP and panelists (including CHP Chair Michael Santos) during Fair Housing Month to get an overview of the Fair Housing Act and the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing proposed rule. Panelists will discuss the history of the AFFH proposed rule, what it is about, why it is important for communities who have historically had to fight for safe and affirming housing, where it is now, and what role advocates can play in making sure this rule gets implemented. Panelists will also provide a quick orientation on advocating and pushing for rules to be enacted within the Biden Administration (as opposed to working with Congress to pass legislation). Attendees will learn what actions they can take so that the AFFH proposed rule gets released and enacted.

Criminalizing Homelessness: Commentary and Debrief on the Supreme Court argument in Grants Pass v. Johnson - May 7, 1-2pm ET

On April 22, 2024, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in Grants Pass v. Johnson, one of the most significant and impactful Supreme Court cases on the constitutional limits on cities’ ability to criminalize homelessness. Please join us for a webinar to debrief and review Grants Pass after the arguments. Legal scholars will provide key takeaways from the Supreme Court session, predictions about what to expect when the Court rules this summer, and the broader implications of this case.

Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act (SICAA) and Trouble Teen Industry Webinar Series

CHP is proud to co-sponsor the Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity's webinar series, "Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act (SICAA) and Trouble Teen Industry." This 3-part series will explore the history, policy solutions, and legal challenges and present practical solutions for effective change. Resolution 605 was adopted by the American Bar Association in 2023 because of decades of well-documented abuse within the Troubled Teen Industry and youth residential treatment centers. The webinars will take place on April 18, May 16, and June 20.

June 6, 2024 1pm EST - Digital Divides and Greening Legal Deserts: Lessons from the Four Corners States

Please join the Commission & SCLAID for this upcoming CLE webinar. The panelists for this interactive, fast-paced CLE program are on the front lines of bridging digital divides, and greening legal deserts, to help narrow the justice gap. Panelists will address challenges faced by the “Four Corners” states (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah) as well as successes and lessons learned that can be applied anywhere. The conversation will include a discussion of tools to measure the justice gap, such as identifying access to justice indicators, demographics, resources, and mapping. The panel also will discuss the effect of gaps and resulting challenges to providing legal services; efforts being undertaken to bridge these gaps, including specific efforts that have worked and those that have not; the role of collaboration and securing buy-in for implementing change; and how to measure success.

Combatting Poverty and Decriminalizing Homelessness Through A Race Equity Lens

The Commission on Homelessness and Poverty's resource clearinghouse.

Racial Equity in the Justice System

The ABA's central clearinghouse of ABA-related information and resources for attorneys, the legal profession and the public on a wealth of issues addressing bias, racism and prejudice in the justice system and society.

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