Commission on Homelessness & Poverty

The Commission is committed to educating the bar and the public about homelessness and poverty and how the legal community and advocates can assist those in need.

Elections, Homelessness, and Poverty

Tools and resources on voting rights and access for people experiencing homelessness and poverty

COVID-19 Resources

Policy and guidance, ABA policy and programming, and more resources for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

Combatting Poverty and Decriminalizing Homelessness Through A Race Equity Lens

The Commission on Homelessness and Poverty's resource clearinghouse.

Racial Equity in the Justice System

The ABA's central clearinghouse of ABA-related information and resources for attorneys, the legal profession and the public on a wealth of issues addressing bias, racism and prejudice in the justice system and society.

Resolution Passed

Resolution 10H--Evictions Resolution

The ABA House of Delegates passed our co-sponsored resolution at the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

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Letter to Congress

ABA supports Emergency Rental Assistance to End the COVID-19 Eviction Crisis

September 5, 2020

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Allow the VA to Provide Legal Aid for Homeless Vets

Ensure Homeless Veterans Have More Access to their Benefits

Learn more and about how you can help.

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New Homeless Court Resource

Homeless Court Best Practices One Pager

What is a Homeless Court? What isn't a Homeless Court? Myth vs. fact: learn more about Homeless Court Best Practices.

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News Spotlight

Homeless Courts: Recognizing Progress and Resolving Legal Issues that Often Accompany Homelessness

The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness has spotlighted our Homeless Court work on their blog (July 9).

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About Us

Learn more about the Commission on Homelessness and Poverty, housed within the ABA Center for Public Interest Law.

Homeless Youth Legal Network

Provides information and fosters collaboration to help attorneys and other advocates address existing gaps in legal services, and improve outcomes for homeless youth and young adults—including those transitioning from the child welfare system and exiting the juvenile justice system. Focuses include civil legal matters, juvenile and criminal defense, and policy/systems change efforts for minors as well as young adults through at least age 25.

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We welcome you to join us. Lawyers working in government or legal/public service not-for-profit organizations engaged primarily in legal- or policy-based advocacy for low income persons qualify for reduced dues as members of the American Bar Association.

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