October 14, 2020 Liaison: Section of Family Law

Meredith McBride

Tibbetts Keating & Butler LLC

Meredith McBride is a trusted counselor, fierce litigator, and integral member of the Butler Tibbetts team. Meredith maintains a broad litigation practice, serving as a go-to resource for both individuals and businesses as they navigate disputes in and out of the courtroom. Focused on personal connection, she handles marital and family law matters, and also has extensive experience representing clients in the healthcare and managed care industries.

For marital and family clients, Meredith serves as a personal confidant, oftentimes transcending the role of legal advisor by carefully listening to and guiding clients through some of their most private and vulnerable moments in life. She handles all aspects of divorce and custody matters with discretion, sensitivity, and a deep understanding of how delicate these matters can be. Her practice covers pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, separation agreements, parenting plans, trials, post-judgment litigation, and appeals.

On the healthcare side, Meredith provides counsel to hospitals, health systems, and physician groups in managed care litigation, payor disputes, regulatory compliance, and other matters. She has successfully pursued insurance companies for underpayment on claims for medical services rendered by providers, defended medical providers from audits and takeback claims from insurance carriers and state agencies, and advises clients on the intricacies of insurance and managed care law, including issues related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and the New York Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills Law. Additionally, she assists individual patients in obtaining proper payment and coverage for medical claims.