October 14, 2020 Advisory Committee

Brandon Wolff

Brandon Lee Wolff practices commercial litigation and healthcare law in New Jersey, New York and Florida. Brandon holds leadership roles in multiple bar associations. In New Jersey, he serves as the ABA Representative on the NJSBA YLD Executive Committee. In New York, he is the Treasurer of the NYSBA YLS. In Florida, he serves as an Out-of-State Representative on The Florida Bar YLD Board of Governors and Treasurer of The Florida Bar Out-of-State Division. In the ABA YLD, he is the District Representative for New Jersey in the YLD Council. He has planned multiple outreach projects and CLEs during his three years as a Public Service Team member (two years as Vice-Director). Brandon received the YLD’s "Star of the Quarter" Award during his first year on the team. He worked for over a year on the historic resolution which expanded the definition of a young lawyer from the first five years of practice to the first ten years of practice. His goal was to make the ABA YLD a more egalitarian division.