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February 28, 2023

About the Committee

Photo of Angela Adkins-Downes, Chair

Photo of Angela Adkins-Downes, Chair

Letter from the Chair

The Standing Committee on Gun Violence is committed to advancing the ABA’s mission to progress the rule of law. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that each year gun deaths are nearly 40, 000, or over 100 gun deaths per day. While the Committee focuses on legal analysis, amicus curiae briefs , legal advocacy and other forms of traditional legal work, we recognize that gun violence remains persistently high and that these high trends will  continue without a meaningful examination of the issue. The committee has worked on topics that range from domestic violence, guns in schools and courthouses, suicide prevention, and states’ authority to address gun violence via regulation and adjudication.  Recent events related to the justice system and an increase in gun violence related to systemic structures have created an urgent call to examine the impact of guns and gun policy in varying formats throughout the country. In order to expand our impact as a Committee, we have determined that as issues are identified there will be a programming , procedure, and legislative component for each topic. We will also continue our emphasis on expanding our collaborations with other ABA entities and with outside partners. In addition, the committee has identified three additional area of focus as it relates to gun violence: diversity, equity, inclusion; victim’s rights and youth engagement. We are committed to creating inclusive , highly informative  forums on the issue of gun violence. We welcome you to join us. If you are interested in learning more or contributing to the Committee, please contact the Staff Liaision for the  Standing Committee on Gun Violence, Jacob Rasch, at [email protected].


Subcommittee Chairs

Monte Frank, Policy
Angela Adkins Downes, Programming
Latasha Thomas, Outreach/DEI

Committee Members

Hugh Daly
Hal Emalfarb
Charles E. English, Jr.
Margaret Finerty
Hon. Juan Hoyos
Mark Johnson-Roberts
Danny Serrano

Advisory Members

Tijuana Barnes
Larry W. Hanson
William H. Kennedy III
Beverly McQueary Smith
Latasha Thomas
Jasmine Williams

Special Advisors

David Clark
Jonathan Lowy
Adam Skaggs



Seymour James (Board of Governors)
Mark Johnson-Roberts (Civil Rights and Social Justice Section)
Joshu Harris (Criminal Justice Section)
Danny Serrano (Diversity)
Meredith McBride (Family Law Section)
Donna Boyce (Commission on Homelessness & Poverty)
Larry Hanson (International Law Section)
Hon. Gabriel Fuentes (Judicial Division)
Beatrice Adelufosi (Law Student Division)
David Clark (Litigation Section)
Sayre Weaver (State and Local Government Law Section)
Juliet Britton (Commission on Disability Rights)
Mitch Orpett (Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section)
Tijuana Barnes (Commission on Youth at Risk)
Jessica Massey (National Hispanic Bar Association)
Margaret Finerty (New York State Bar Association)

American Bar Association Staff Liaision: Jacob Rasch, [email protected].