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Pro Bono Resources

The Center for Pro Bono offers resources and information for pro bono managers, legal services providers, bar associations and leaders, practitioners and others

Pro Bono Opportunities

ABA provides technical assistance and planning advice to a wide range of constituents in the field, including bar associations, pro bono programs, legal services offices, bar leaders, law schools, corporate counsel, judges and government attorneys.

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Death Penalty Representation Project

Calling Layers & Students! Get involved! Become a volunteer attorney, learn from our volunteers, support the DPR Project, and join our team.

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Law Library of Congress offers Website on the Constitution of the United States

The Law Library of Congress has launched a website on the United States Constitution. The site combines various items from the Law Library in one centralized location. Sections appear on Constitutional Interpretation, Executive Privilege, Military Tribunals, Presidential Inherent Powers, Presidential Signing Statements, Second Amendment, State Secrets Privilege, War Powers, War Powers Resolution, and Additional Constitutional Resources. For more information, please visit the Law Library of Congress website.

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The ABA is for Everyone

ABA membership gives you access to technical resources, training, networking opportunities and expert guidance – everything legal professionals need to be successful. If you’re a new lawyer, law student, or an employee of a participating law firm, we may have an account with your name on it. The ABA offers countless resources to lawyers, judges, law students and those who are interested in law-related issues. The ABA is committed to providing members with opportunities to enhance professional skills and resources to stay on top of current developments in the legal field.