Will Your Voice be Heard?

Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy.  As lawyers, we have a duty to protect our democracy and the rule of law.  We should take a leadership role in our voting process and ensure that the legal system and all those involved in it actively support and ensure the right to vote for all, for which so many have sacrificed so much.

The American Bar Association is asking you, as a leader in the law and your community to:

  • Vote
  • Assure that your staff has time to vote
  • Encourage your clients and community to vote

To help you do this, we have developed a “Will Your Voice be Heard on Election Day?” card for you to customize (if you choose) and distribute to your clients and community. Our site (ambar.org/vote) also offers information on confirming an individual’s voter registration status, registering to vote, voter ID requirements, state laws regarding time off to vote, and much more, including resources for lawyers and the community on how to get involved in our election process.

Download the card template as is, or customize it to include your firm or oganization contact information, and print the card and distribute or email it to your clients and community!  It’s as easy as voting!

The card is a standard 4”x6” size.  Easy to fit in a #10 envelope for mailings and compact enough to hand out.  Also, very easy to email out as well!!

It’s the perfect way to remember, and remind others, how important the concept of “vote your voice” is and how easy it is to make your vote your voice. 

Distribute the Card

  1. Download and save the card.
  2. Print it out and distribute to your employees, your clients, and your community.

Email the Voter Card

No access to a printer? No problem! Just send an email to your colleagues and community and attach the .pdf.

  1. Download and save the card.
  2. Email and attach the card to your employees, your clients, and your community.

Customize the Card

  1. Download and save the customizable card.
  2. Customize the card to include your firm or organization contact information.  It's really easy, just add your information in the box at the bottom of the second page and save your custom card.
  3. Print the card and distribute at your convenience.