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Poll Worker, Esq.

The Standing Committee on Election Law is thankful to all of the poll workers across the country who make elections safe and fair. The poll worker’s job is never easy, but recent years have been particularly challenging. We owe those who volunteer a special debt of gratitude. Among them are many ABA members who signed up through our Poll Worker, Esq. program. But whether they signed up through the ABA or not, poll workers are the unsung heroes of elections. Please join the effort by volunteering to serve as a poll worker in your community’s next election.

Be a Poll Worker!

Interested lawyers and law students can go to and click on the “Become a Poll Worker” tab to find out how to serve in their jurisdictions.

Visit -

Message from Mary Smith

A message from ABA President Mary Smith explaining why lawyers and law students are the perfect group to serve as election workers, and why this work a crucial part of strengthening American democracy.

Earn CLE for Your Service

Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky and Nebraska provide CLE credit for lawyers who train for service and who work the polls. If your state hasn’t taken this step, encourage your state’s accrediting agency to provide such an incentive!

Civic engagement is at the very core of our democracy, make sure you have a say in your government, and most importantly your life.

It's as easy as: 1) REGISTER to vote, 2) VOTE, and 3) VOLUNTEER at the polls.