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About the Committee

Letter from the Chair

The business of running elections is a year-round enterprise. The ABA Standing Committee on Election Law works all year, every year, to improve the administration of elections by compiling best practices, organizing timely programming, proposing ABA policies, and disseminating the results of our work to election officials nationwide.

The Committee is a bipartisan group by design, and operates by consensus. Our members are united in their commitment to the rule of law and to a fair and inclusive democratic process. Recent elections have shown that, despite more than two centuries of American elections, there is plenty of room for improvement.  Voter education is a crucial component of our work, as is the role of lawyers in ensuring an engaged and informed electorate.

Our advocacy has supported many improvements to the electoral process. New ideas are always welcome. We are proud and committed to a collaborative engagement with the full spectrum of views on matters of election law.

If you would like to learn more about our work, including review of our expanded mission statement and long term strategic goals, or to join us at our meetings, CLE program for events, please contact Jacob Rasch, liaision to the Standing Committee on Election Law, at [email protected].

Standing Committee Members 2023-2024

Standing Committee 2021-2022
Jason Kaune, Chair Michelle Kanter Cohen Alyssa Marie Gonzales-Specht
Rew Goodenow Reginald McClendon Amber Rose Maltbie
Maya Noronha    

Advisory Members 2023-2024

Jacqueline DeLeon, Chair Shana Broussard (FEC) Allan Dickerson (FEC)
Christopher Edwards Caleb Burns Allison Hayward
Sonya Aston Patty Ferguson-Bohnee Sean Morales-Doyle
Matthew Petersen    

Special Advisors 2023-2024

Special Advisors
Katherine Ellena Jerry Goldfeder William Kresse Nyati Shah Trevor Potter

Liaisons 2023-2024

Michael Drumke
(Board of Governors)
Dahiana Estrada (Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities) Wendy Mariner 
(Civil Rights and Social Justice)
Elizabeth Yang
(Uniform Law Commission and State and Local Government Law)
Regina DeAngelis (Commission on Disability Rights) Leslie Schweinle Ginzel
(Homelessness & Poverty)
Chad Vickery     
(International Law)
Terry Ao Minnis (Asian Americans Advancing Justice Coalition) John Hardin Young (Senior Lawyers Division)
Lucy Thomson   
(Science and Technology Law)
Frances Floriano Goins (Business Law Section) Drake Stobie 
(Law Student Division)
Ben Griffith 
(State and Local Government)
Mark D. Martin Christopher Lake Brown  
(Young Lawyers Division)