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Standing Committee on Election Law

A bipartisan committee of election law experts working to ensure smooth, secure, and equitable election administration at the federal, state, and local level.

The Power of your Philanthropy

Civic engagement is core to our democracy. Your gift today will ensure that electoral processes are protected and Americans have access to the ballot box.

Civic Engagement

Poll Worker, Esq.

Civic engagement is at the very core of our democracy, make sure you have a say in your government, and most importantly your life. It's as easy as: 1) REGISTER to vote, 2) VOTE, and 3) WORK at the polls. Visit our #pollworkeresq website to learn how to help run the elections in your area!

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Election Law Policies

The American Bar Association is constantly working to enhance the integrity and public perception of the electoral process and toward that end, has adopted the following policies.

Current Litigation

The Standing Committee on Election Law is pleased to provide you with a list of the recent cases litigating election procedures for the 2022 election and beyond.

Letter from the President on S. 4573

On November 29, 2022, ABA President Deborah Enix-Ross sent a letter to Senate leadership urging passage of S. 4573, the Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act, which seeks to update procedures for the counting and certification of electoral votes for the presidency under the Electoral Count Act (ECA) of 1887.

Video: A Deeper Dive - On the Sidelines or Taking Sides

Standing Committee on Election Law Chair Jason Kaune joined Maritza T. Adonis and Bruce F. Freed to delve into the new pressures on corporations to engage with social movements and environmental, social, and governance criteria, extending the discussion of a CLE program at the ABA Business Law Section’s 2022 Hybrid Annual Meeting.

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Featured Publication

Guide to U.S. Presidential Elections

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About the Standing Committee on Election Law

Developing and examining ways to improve the Federal electoral process in order to permit the broadest, least restrictive access by Americans to the ballot box since 1973.