Standing Committee on Election Law

Developing and examining ways to improve the Federal electoral process in order to permit the broadest, least restrictive access by Americans to the ballot box. The Standing Committee on Election Law was created in 1973 with the purpose of developing and examining ways to improve the federal electoral process.  

Our Activities

The Standing Committee on Election Law is committed to providing the Association with the most current programming on issues related to our nation's electoral process.

Election Law Policies

The American Bar Association is constantly working to enhance the integrity and public perception of the electoral process and toward that end, has adopted the following policies:

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Protecting Our Democracy through Education and Public Service


Beginning in early Spring 2014 and continuing to the present, the Standing Committee has hosted several town halls with a particular focus on election reform. The Town Halls were created with the purpose of promoting a dialogue on election reform within the States with members of state and local bar associations, state and local election administrators and civic groups, local election lawyers, as well as representatives of both political parties. To date, the Standing Committee has hosted town halls in the following locations:

Albuquerque, NM (December 2016) State Bar of New Mexico, Voting Convenience Centers

Houston, Texas (February 2015) George R. Brown Convention Center, Money and Politics

Tempe, Arizona (May 2014) Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Election Reform and Next Steps

Austin, Texas (March 2014) Austin Bar Association, Redistricting and Election Administration

Miami, Florida (February 2014) University of Miami School of Law, Election Day and Early Voting

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (February 2014) Philadelphia Bar Association, Voter Identification

Columbus, Ohio (February 2014) Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Voter Registration and Election Administration