Trial Skills for Child Welfare Attorneys

This 1-day program offers targeted trial skills training for child welfare professionals. Skill-building exercises build on lecture and discussion.

Great job of holding my attention. Interesting with clear and informative information. Excellent presentation for interaction.

Jennifer Davis Mohtashemi, Steptoe and Johnson

What You'll Learn

  • Learn strategies in dependency cases to help children achieve permanency faster.
  • Strengthen your ability to organize large caseloads and prepare for trial.
  • Expand your knowledge of the rules of evidence.

Special Features


  • Each program is specially adapted for local practice and state law.
  • Participants receive continuing legal education (CLE) credit.
  • Exercises incorporate discussion.
  • Improve your skills in examining and cross-examining witnesses in court.
  • Gain practical experience working through child welfare court case scenarios with personalized feedback.


  • Discussions
  • Demonstrations
  • Mock trial exercise
  • Ask the experts
  • Participants get a trial notebook/flash drive to organize and prepare for their next case.
  • Trainers are experienced child welfare, child law, and parent’s attorneys.

Tailored Training


  • We offer this training to three types of attorneys together: agency, parents' and children’s attorneys.
  • It is also offered separately for each type of attorney.

Attorneys & Caseworkers

  • Counties, states or regions send multidisciplinary teams: agency, parent and children’s attorneys and 3-4 caseworkers.
  • Attorneys and caseworkers attend separate morning discussions, and then join for afternoon trial exercises.

Special Topics

Mental Health/Substance Abuse

  • Provides tools to help in complex mental health or substance abuse cases. 
  • Offers overview of mental illnesses or substance abuse issues, related tests, and treatment options.

Indian Child Welfare Act

Our Indian child welfare and tribal law program focuses on trial skills in cases involving children with Native American heritage. Areas of focus include:

  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Indian child welfare laws and tribal codes
  • Tribal court jurisdiction
  • Importance of conversations and observations
  • Trust & relationship building
  • How parties can work well together

Advance Steps

Some steps we take before each training:

  • Conference call to choose local legal experts.
  • Conference call with local experts.
  • Arrange for training location and lunch.
  • Review local law and practice; apply to trial skills discussion and exercises.
  • Conference call on local law and practice.
  • Review materials and requests from site; adapt materials.
  • Add ethics and special components; adapt training timeline.
  • Update notebook and legal materials; tailor to local law and practice.
  • Produce notebooks and materials. Ship materials to site.

Request Trial Skills

We look forward to bringing Trial Skills Training to your state or local jurisdiction.

To learn more, please contact Prudence Beidler Carr.