Claire Chiamulera

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  Claire Chiamulera

Claire Chiamulera

Image by Mitch Higgins, American Bar Association

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“Do the work and then you will shine,” is not just a saying but the way Claire Chiamulera approaches her work at the Center and her everyday life. Claire believes if you roll up your sleeves and focus on producing high quality work, that work will make you stand out.

Since 1993, Claire’s work at the Center has reflected this motto. Claire joined the Center after completing college with an English degree and then a paralegal program in litigation management. After doing her own research, she found the Center and reached out to the director. The Center provided Claire with a way to combine her interests in working for disadvantaged children with her talent for research, writing and editing.  

Claire’s work has changed over the years. Early in her time at the Center, she completed a two-year publishing certificate program at George Washington University. In this program, she refined her print and online design and editing skills. These skills have come in handy in her work on Center grant publications and editing and designing Child Law Practice Today.

Claire takes pride in delivering high quality, practical information to the readers who impact the lives of children and families across the country. Her research, writing, editing and design skills are at work in many Center publications. Some recent examples include editing and designing a guide on trauma exposure response, a legal guide on the Family First Act, a guide on the Family First Act and kinship families, and an assessment of California’s attorney funding approaches

An adept researcher and writer, Claire has used her legal research skills to analyze appellate court decisions on prenatal substance use. She has written articles on child welfare court innovations, and produced a series of action alerts on timely issues for judges in child welfare cases.

Claire has risen to the challenge of creating an online presence for the Center. She uses her design and editing skills to create attractive, user-friendly web pages and content for the Center. 

To help keep her work-life balance, Claire is an avid cyclist. She believes that when training for an event, much like producing a publication, if she works hard, she will shine.