January 01, 2017

Key Indian Child Welfare Resources

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ICWA Regulations/Guidelines:

Federal Regulations
Federal Guidelines

ICWA Case Law 

ICWA Case Filings

State-Tribe Collaboration

Tribal Law and Policy Institute Publications on Tribal-State Court Collaborations 
Tribal Engagement Strategies: Establishing and Sustaining Connections

ICWA Compliance

A Guide to Compliance with the ICWA
Improving Compliance with the ICWA: A Guide for Juvenile and Family Courts 
ICWA Checklists for Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Resolution in Support of Full Implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act 
Measuring Compliance with the ICWA: A Research and Practice Brief
Indian Child Welfare Act Search Guide 


Disproportionality Rates for Children of Color in Foster Care (Fiscal Year 2014) 


Heart of ICWA Personal Stories Project
Mississippi ICWA Video
Capacity Building Center for Courts ICWA News


Capacity Building Centers for States, Tribes & Courts
National Indian Child Welfare Association
National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
National American Indian Court Judges Association
Native American Rights Fund
Tribal Law and Policy Institute