December 01, 2016

CLP Changing to Bimonthly in 2017

December 1, 2016

Dear CLP Subscriber,

In January 2017 CLP will move to a bimonthly format with added content in each issue. You’ll receive six issues annually packed with practice-based content to help you do your job. The change allows our staff to devote greater time and resources to continue making CLP the most valuable resource you receive.

What to expect:

Six information-packed issues per year, released in January, March, May, July, September and November.

More quality content: Expect more quality content each issue. As always, our focus is practical need-to-know information to help you do your job. We’re working on some exciting new content:

  • Theme issues: When a topic deserves a closer look, we’ll go deeper and devote a full issue to providing the best information available. Stay tuned this January for an issue focused on Indian child welfare cases.

  • Case law trends: Courts are driving the legal landscape for children and families. What themes and trends are emerging? Where is consensus and division? We’re taking a closer look to bring you these insights on emerging child law issues.

  • In-house expertise: Savvy, smart, sharp – that’s our staff. We’re looking at new ways to showcase their decades of child law experience at all levels.

  • National network. We’re tapping our national network of the best minds in child law.

  • ABA partners: We’ll share expertise from ABA groups that intersect child and family legal issues to keep you well-versed in cross-cutting issues.

Same subscription rates: Recognizing that children’s law professionals have limited resources available, CLP strives to keep subscription costs low. As part of that effort, CLP subscription fees are currently 40% less than they were 15 years ago. Transitioning to six issues with greater content per issue allows us to maintain the current low rates while producing the best product possible.

Share this resource:

CLP is entirely subscription funded. Greater subscriptions allow us to create the most useful product possible. You’ve come to value CLP for its timely, practice-based articles and synopses of developments in the child law field. To help us continue to build our subscription base, please encourage your colleagues to subscribe to this valuable training tool.

We invite you to share your ideas, and questions as we make CLP a more effective resource for you.


Claire Chiamulera, Editor