December 01, 2015

ABA Directory of Children’s Law Programs

Sally Inada

The views expressed herein have not been approved by the House of Delegates or the Board of Governors of the American Bar Association, and accordingly, should not be construed as representing the policy of the American Bar Association.

The online ABA Directory of Children’s Law Programs is now available after its first update in three years. It is published by the Section of Litigation, Children’s Right’s Litigation. The directory was originally created “to provide pro bono opportunities for attorneys in their communities,” said Cathy Krebs, Children’s Rights director. “But now it’s grown far beyond that.”  

Krebs said the directory is used by:

  • lawyers looking for referrals and assistance in other states,

  • prospective law students check it to see which law schools have legal clinics, and

  • allied legal professionals and members of the public to find resources.

The directory lists children’s law centers, children’s legal clinics (associated with a law school) and children’s resource centers (that provide litigation support to children’s lawyers). The directory’s program listings can be searched online by state, and is also available as a PDF

The directory was first published in 1993 and Krebs says she’s seen big changes over the years: “It has grown so much since the first edition…the biggest jump has been in children’s legal clinics—that number grew by leaps and bounds.” Krebs is also pleased that now there are “only a handful of states without programs.”  

To report changes, updates, or additions to the directory, contact Cathy Krebs.

—Sally Inada, CLP Contributor