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May 01, 2014

TANF Resources

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State TANF programs

For information about specific state TANF programs, see the chart with the original version of this article.

This website contains fact sheets for each state and the District of Columbia with state-specific data, services, and programs for grandfamilies. You may be able to find a local group that can help you access TANF and other services.

Kinship Navigators

Your state may also have people known as kinship navigators who can help you access TANF and other programs for you and your grandfamily. These navigators are a great resource, but they do not exist in all areas of the country. Visit this site to see if there are navigators where you live.


Many communities have these staffed phone lines that can help you access services. Check this site to see if 2-1-1 exists in your area or look in your local phone book.

AARP Foundation Benefits QuickLINK website

This site may also help you see what benefits you can access. It can help link you with TANF, SNAP/food stamps, Medicaid, and other services. Enter your and your grandfamily’s information in the QuickLINK tool and it will tell you what help you may be eligible to receive.

Insure Kids Now

This is a great resource to find out more about Medicaid in your state. You can also call (877) KIDS-NOW (Toll Free).

USDA Food and Nutrition Program

This website will tell you more about SNAP/food stamps where you live. You can find contact information for local offices and the state hotline, along with each state’s application.