November 16, 2017

Juvenile Justice Standards


BE IT RESOLVED, that the American Bar Association adopt Standards for Juvenile Justice as set out in Tentative Drafts, dated 1977 (as amended in the appendix to the report) as follows: Court Organization and Administration; Juvenile Probation Function, and Juvenile Delinquency and Sanctions. [Note: the ABA deferred action on the Non-Criminal Misbehavior volume of the Standards and took no action on the Abuse and Neglect volume. Neither of these two volumes was ever approved as ABA policy.] [At its February 1979 Meeting, the ABA had approved 17 other volumes of the Standards for Juvenile Justice series: Adjudication; Appeals and Collateral Review; Architecture of Facilities; Corrections Administration; Counsel for Private Parties; Disposition Procedures; Dispositions; Interim Status; Juvenile Records and Information Systems; Monitoring; Planning for Juvenile Justice; Police Handling of Juvenile Problems; Pretrial Court Proceedings; Prosecution; Rights of Minors; Transfer Between Courts; and Youth Service Agencies.]