November 16, 2017

Adoption of Children


RESOLVED, that the American Bar Association urges the United States Congress to enact legislation providing incentives to encourage individuals throughout the country to adopt juveniles. Such incentives should include:

a. The allowance of reasonable tax deductions or tax credits for qualified adoption expenses incurred for the adoption of juveniles designated by state or local child welfare agencies as having "special needs."

b. The provision of tax incentives for employers that provide employees with adoption assistance benefits.

c. The creation of Federal agency demonstration projects in which federal employees are provided with an adoption assistance benefit program.

d. The creation of a Federal interagency work group on adoption.

e. The establishment of a Federal "blue-ribbon" advisory board on adoption.

f. The provision of Federal support for the development of activities designed to increase understanding of adoption and its impact.

g. The enactment of Federal legislation or regulations that encourage full disclosure to prospective adoptive parents of information related to the physical and mental health history of all children being placed for adoption. Also, the inclusion of provisions in federal health care legislation that prevent the denial of dependent coverage to adoptive parents related to an adopted child's pre-existing health condition.