Parental Rights

118: Family Integrity and Family Unity, August 2019

113: LGBT Foster and Adoptive Parent Rights, February 2019

114: Parents with Disabilities, February 2017

109C: Freedom from Gender-Based Violence, August 2015

103C: Parents in Immigration Detention, August 2011

103B: Aiding Children Affected by Immigration Enforcement, August 2011

105: Right to Counsel in Civil Legal Proceedings, August 2010

102E: Children with Incarcerated Parents, February 2010

102F: Parental Confinement, February 2010

106: Child Custody and Military Deployment, February 2009

Education Decision-Making Children and Parents, Aug. 2009

107: Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in Child Welfare, August 2008

108B: Caregiving for Children of Deployed Military Personnel, February 2007

102: Foster Parent Sexual Orientation, August 2006

114: Standards of Practice: Representing Parents, August 2006

112A: Civil Gideon Where Basic Human Needs are at Stake, August 2006

112: Joint Adoptions and Second-Parent Adoptions, August 2003

109A: Domestic Violence Victim Safety

105B: Due Process in Benefits Program Administration, August 2001

109B: Adoptive Parent Sexual Orientation, February 1999

113: Health Care for Children, August 1997

117: Hague Convention on Parental Responsibility and Child Protection, August 1997

104B: Incarcerated Parent Visits with Children, August 1996

123: Sexual Orientation and Parental Custody and Visitation, August 1995

111: Affordable Housing and Family Discrimination, August 1995

106: Inhalant Abuse Prevention, August 1995

105: Public Benefits and Marital Status, February 1995

112: Domestic Violence Insurance Protection, February 1995

122: Public Benefits: Basic Life Needs, August 1992

108B: Health Care Access and Income, February. 1990

Counsel for Indigent Parents, November 1987

Parental Leave, August 1987