Court Projects

Child Welfare Courts

111A: Implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act, August 2013

107: Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in Child Welfare, August 2008

118: Interstate Placements, August 2003

101B: Disparate Treatment by Race and Ethnicity, August 2003

105B: Due Process in Benefits Program Administration, August 2001

112: Waiting Rooms for Children at Courthouses, August 1996

108: Judicial Education on Domestic Violence, February 1996

116B: Implementation of NCJFCJ Resource Guidelines, August 1995

Family Proceedings Standards, February 1992

Juvenile Delinquency Courts

Standards on Dual System Youth, February 2017

107A: Juvenile Shackling, February 2015

107C: Youth Sentencing Laws, February 2015

109B: Trauma Informed Approach, February 2014

103A: Juvenile Client Appellate Representation, February 2014

Judicial and Attorney Training on Child Trafficking, February 2013

112: Revision to Model Time Standards for State Courts, February 2012

123: Model Time Standards for State Courts, August 2011

107B: Youth Diversion Courts, February 2011

105C: Youth Offender Sentencing, August 2008

300: Dual Jurisdiction Youth, February 2008

104C: Juvenile Status Offender Diversion, August 2007

116A: Youth Courts, August 1995

International Tribunals

102B: Child Labor, February 2014

112B: International Surrogacy, February 2016

102: International Adoption, August 2008

117: Intercountry Adoption, February 1994

119: Ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, February 1991

Homeless Courts

116: Homeless Court Program, February 2003