Children’s Rights

Children in State Care

118: Family Integrity and Family Unity, August 2019

111: Psychotropic Medication, February 2016

109A: Permanent Significant Adult Connection, February 2014

109B: Trauma Informed Legal Work, February 2014

113C: Mandatory Reporting Laws, August 2013

101A: Model Act: Representation of Children, August 2011

109B: Youth Engagement in Permanency Planning, August 2010

102E: Children with Incarcerated Parents, February 2010

107: Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in Child Welfare, August 2008

104B: LGBTQ Youth, August 2007

104A: Older Youth Supports, August 2007

112A: Civil Gideon Where Basic Human Needs are at Stake, August 2006

10B: Pew Commission Report, August 2005

106: Foster Care Independence Act, August 2002

112A: Standards of Practice: Representing Children, February 1996

115: Children’s Rights in State Custody, August 1990

12: Court-Appointed Special Advocates for Children, August 1989

Health and Safety

119: Youth Mental Health Services, February 2020

109C: Freedom from Gender-Based Violence, August 2015

113: American Indian and Alaska Native Children Exposure to Violence, August 2015

107: Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition, February 2014

111A: Implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), August 2013

113B: Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Youth, August 2013

112B: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, August 2012

105B: Runaway and Homeless Youth Act Funding, February 2010

114: Privately-Operated Residential Treatment Facilities, February 2007

110: Dating Violence, August 2006

10A: Youth Mental Health Services, August 2006

111: Adolescent Victims of Domestic Violence, August 2000

106A: Children in Armed Conflict Ratification of Rights of the Child, August 2000

106B: Child Prostitution, and Child Pornography Ratification of Rights of the Child, August 2000

113 Child Health Care, August 1997

111: Economic Exploitation of Youth

103: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Reservations Ratification, February 1994

122: Public Benefits: Basic Life Needs, August 1992Firearm Sales to Children, August 1991

119: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Ratification, February 1991

108B: Health Care Access and Income, February 1990

105: Medicaid Coverage, August 1990

135: HIV-Positive Children, August 1989

Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse, July 1985

102A: Corporal Punishment: Child Care, August 1983


108: Pre-Registration to Vote, February 2020

106A: Firearms and School, January 2019

116B: High Quality Education, August 2018

117A: Education Funding, August 2017

117C: Education Success for Children in Foster Care and Juvenile Cases, August 2017

115: School to Prison Pipeline, August 2016

112A: Postsecondary Education for Youth in Foster Care, August 2012

300: Civic Education, August 2011

110: Civic Education, August 2010

107A: Bullying and Harassment, February 2011

118A: Education Decision-Making Children and Parents, Aug. 2009

118B: Truancy and Behavior Exclusions from School, Aug. 2009

118C: Return to School Rights, Aug. 2009

113: Homeless Children Education Access, Aug. 2004

122: Civic Mission Education, August 2004

109: School Violence Prevention, August 2004

104B: Anti-Bias Education in School, August 2002

10E: Gun Violence at School, August 1998

103: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act/Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), February 1996

102: School Dispute Resolution, February 1995

114: Civic Literacy in Public Education, February 1995

301: Citizenship Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools, February 1992

115C: Center of Correctional Education, February 1990

Children with Learning Disabilities, August 1983


301: Immigrant and Asylum-Seeking Children, February 2017

113: Counsel for Unaccompanied Children in Immigration Proceedings, February 2015

103B: Children Affected by Immigration Enforcement, August 2011

103D: Children and Immigrant Parents, August 2011

106A: Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Right to Counsel, February 2001

110: Immigrant Children Non-discrimination, February 1995

Involvement in the Criminal Justice System

Youth Solitary Confinement, February 2017

Standards on Dual System Youth, February 2017

103A: Juvenile Delinquency Records, August 2015

107A: Juvenile Shackling, February 2015

107C: Youth Sentencing Laws, February 2015

103A: Juvenile Client Appellate Representation, February 2014

104E: Juvenile Defendant Immigration Status Counsel, February 2013

104G: Minor Victims of Trafficking, February 2013

103A: Exploited Children Victims’ Rights, August 2011

104D: Electronic Monitoring for Juvenile Offenders, February 2011

109A: Status Offense Counsel, August 2010

102A: Juvenile Collateral Consequences, February 2010

102B: Juvenile Miranda Warnings, February 2010

102E: Children with Incarcerated Parents, February 2010

101A: Teen Sexual Offenders, February 2009

105C: Youth Offender Sentencing, August 2008

300: Dual Jurisdiction Youth, February 2008

104C: Juvenile Status Offenders Diversion, August 2007

116: Mental Health and Criminal Justice, February 2004

Disparate Treatment by Race and Ethnicity, August 2003

101D: Youth in the Criminal Justice System, February 2002

116A: Youth Courts, August 1995

110D: Statutory Law and the Right to Counsel for Children, February 1987

Juvenile Court Defense and Prosecution Enhancement, August 1984

Capital Punishment for Juvenile Offenders, August 1983

Victims of and Witnesses to Crime

109D: Child Torture as a Felony Offense, February 2019

104G: Minor Victims of Trafficking, February 2013

Judicial and Attorney Training on Child Trafficking, February 2013

111B: Children Exposed to Violence, August 2013

107A: Child Sexual Abuse Criminal Statutes of Limitations, August 2012

114: Expanded Definition of Rape, February 2012

103A: Exploited Children Victims’ Rights, August 2011

101D: Child Victim Legal Counsel, February 2009

113: Child Victims of Abuse and Domestic Violence, August 1996

107A: Child Sexual Abuse Federal Evidence, February 1995

Child Witnesses in Cases Where Child Abuse is Alleged, July 1985

Private Financial Support

118: Children of Workers Compensation Claimants, February 1994

118A: Child Support and Enforcement, February 1993

115: Ensure Adequate and Fair Child Support Awards and Improve the Enforcement of Child Support Orders, February 1987