December 11, 2019 PA Permanency Barriers

Training and TA

Implementing HB4980, the Strengthening Families Act

This federal law covers Sex Trafficking, Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standards, and revisions to APPLA.

The workgroup is looking at ways to:

  • better protect and monitor victims of sex trafficking that are part of the foster care system;
  • provide older youth with a more “normal” experience in foster care by looking at such things as driving privileges and the ability to participate in after school activities; and
  • increase the age of APPLA.

Concurrent Planning, Full Disclosure Workgroup

We provide training and technical assistance on the importance of Full Disclosure under Concurrent Planning.

A 3-hour training offers tools county workers can use when working with parents and children to help them understand the importance of Full Disclosure.

Concurrent Planning Bulletin

We provide Concurrent Planning Technical Assistance and Training to accompany the state roll-out of the concurrent planning bulletin.

Audience: Our targeted half-day training is tailored to judges and lawyers. Participants gain a better understanding of what concurrent planning is as well as a firm idea of how to effectively implement it.

Locations: The Project has provided this TA on statewide, region-based, and county levels (Lycoming, Mercer,  Northumberland, Tioga, Westmoreland, and York)

Who can get Concurrent Planning TA?

All Pennsylvania counties (even those that have never worked with the Project) can get TA at no cost to the county.

For More Information

Contact Joanne Correira, 202-662-1721