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Pennsylvania Permanency Project

Since 2004, our work in Pennsylvania has focused on improving court and agency relationships, streamlining the legal process, and providing PA-specific training.

Project Features

Helping Counties

We've worked in 28 small, medium, and largecounties, successfully achieving time-in-care and cost savings in each.

Data-Driven Change

Staff analyze cases, tracking how long it takes a child to achieve permanency. The project targets key skills and topics for improvement based on data review.

Focus on Skill Building

SKILLS TO ADVANCE ADVOCACY: alternatives to litigation, trial prep, concurrent planning, courtroom advocacy, child discharge, effective permanency hearings, court procedures

Tailored Topics

Topics are driven by the county. EXAMPLES: putative fathers, incarcerated parents, behavioral health, and substance abuse treatment

Project Overview

Our one-page project overview pulls together project principles, approach, results and technical assistance information in one easy reference.

Education Barriers to Permanency Project

This targeted project improves school experiences and outcomes for children in foster care to promote permanency and life success.