This year Reunification Day will be celebrated on June 17, 2014. This event will honor the hard work of the families who were successful in making the changes necessary to ensure the safety of their children in their homes. In addition, reunification heroes who assisted the families to reunite safely will be honored. This will be held at the Saint A. Franciscan Center.


On June 17, 2011, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin celebrated its first annual Reunification Day. The celebration took place at the Vel Phillips Juvenile Justice Center located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. The focus of the celebration was recognition of the reunified family’s accomplishments and, equally important, recognition of their reunification “heroes.”  Each family received a Certificate of Reunification, a “family oriented” gift bag, and a family picture that was taken by a professional photographer.

A major goal of the celebration is to educate the community on reunification; that children can go home safely, that children want to be home with their parents, that parents love their children and want them back in the family home, and that family preservation is the goal if in the best interest of the child. As such, the press will be invited to attend the event. Additional invitees will include reunited families, the Governor, judges, attorneys, Guardians ad Litem, social workers, court personnel, and community service providers. 

For more information contact: Dawn Peters