We are the Lucky Ones: Reunification Stories by Former Foster Youth

We have collected powerful stories of individuals who entered the child welfare system when they were children and were eventually returned to their parents.

  • Diana is now a psychology major in college and hopes to help children who are going through the same experiences she once did. Read Diana's story.
  • Terrell recounts his feelings of hearing other adults speak badly of his mother, who is now his best friend and inspiration. Read Terrell's story.
  • Indira and Titus are siblings who were separated from each other when they were removed from their home. As children, they were powerless to decide what happened to them and felt their voices were not heard. Now as adults, they decided to tell us what they experienced and how they felt, so that all of us can learn from their stories. Read Indira's and Titus's stories.

--Jey Rajaraman, Chief Counsel, and Chiori Kaneko, Staff Attorney, Legal Services of New Jersey