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  • Virginia’s Reunification Month theme – Celebrating Families Together Again
  • Virginia Family Reunification Month Proclamation
  • Fairfax County Department of Family Services and Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court are hosting the Second Annual Reunification Celebration on June 6, 2023. The theme this year is “Family Reunification-It Takes a Village.  The event is held in honor of the families that make the necessary changes to reunify with their children.  We want to celebrate their accomplishments and let them know that we believe that ALL can make a positive change.  It’s a process, and it takes a village. The event will include several speakers, a dinner, and a recognition of the families to celebrate their successful reunification.
  • Internal newsletter will be published in mid-June for all social services employees (state, regional and local) employees, which will focus on agency recognition, training, and resources also highlighting individuals and families across the Commonwealth who have had successful reunification. This newsletter will also recognize and promote the national reunification webinars.
  • Creation of an email signature – encouraging all Virginia Department of Social Services staff to utilize during the month of June. 
  • The Virginia Department of Social Services permanency staff and Public Affairs team worked closely to create public-facing items, which will highlight stories shared by families/individuals and agencies. Some posts will link to, should individuals be interested in learning more about supporting reunification efforts by becoming a foster parent. These stories /posts will be shared through the VDSS social media accounts.
  • The Virginia Department of Social Services is offering a webinar, “Concurrent Planning: Working Smarter not Harder,” on Tuesday, June 27th to state and local social services staff. The webinar’s topic will be concurrent planning. Concurrent Planning is a structured approach to case management, which facilitates the involvement of parents, youth, and extended family members in developing a permanency plan for children in foster care. VDSS will discuss the critical elements of concurrent planning that promote the timely achievement of permanency and streamline communication and other case management responsibilities. 
  • The Virginia Department of Social Services Division of Family Services IT Portfolio Team hosts weekly interactive webinars called Lifeline’s. The LifeLine in June is called “Uplifting Reunification Month with COMPASS/tools to support those efforts.”  
  • The Virginia Department of Social Services Practice Consultants created a “Did You Know?” living document to assist frontline staff with their reunification efforts.  Some examples include: 
    • Non-offending parents do not need to file for custody of their child in foster care; 
    • The return home goal should include birth parents and prior custodian, regardless of the circumstances at the time of removal; and, 
    • PSSF Funds can be used prior to and after reunification