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A number of partner organizations are co-sponsoring a panel about how meaningful, quality services can mitigate imminent risk and keep children home or speed their reunification with their families on Wednesday, June 13, 2018. The panel will include:  Hon. Clark Richardson (New York County Family Court judge), Christine Bruno, Esq. (Center for Family Representation), Remy Schonhaut, LMSW from MST-CAN; Dr. Ann Murphy, PhD (GABI); Dr. Sara Lorenz-Taki, MD (Greenwich House); Dr. Wendie Klapper, PhD (Parent Infant Child Center); Dr. Rachel Weisberg, PsyD (Parent Infant Child Center).


Rise Magazine reported parents they work with are involved in a city-wide event hosted by the New York City child welfare agency.

On Monday, June 5, 2017, the Center for Family Representation and co-sponsors the NY County Family Court, Rise Magazine, Neighborhood Defender Services, and the Legal Aid Society hosted a lunchtime panel discussion in Manhattan Family Court. Broadly, the panel focused on shortening the lengths of families' separation due to foster care. The panelists provided advocacy tips about how to lessen the trauma of removal for children and how to advocate for stability in terms of housing, public benefits, and services immediately following a removal. It also provided an overview of Family Court Act section 255 and its potential for assisting families in obtaining services necessary for reunification and an overview of the court's expectations of parents who seek reunification. Two parent-authors from Rise magazine shared their personal accounts of reunification and avoiding removal.

Bronx Defenders had its annual celebration of families event on June 2 this year in honor of reunification month. They celebrated families who had reunified with their children by having a dinner party, made family portraits, had a raffle and a musical activity where children used spoken word to express their love of family.


New York's Center for Family Representation hostinged panel discussions for Reunification Month. These included four events with discussions of law and practice on:

  • Visitation
  • Placements
  • Services, and
  • Family conferences

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On June 12, 2015, the Bronx Defenders hosted its 6th Annual Celebration of Families event in honor of families who reunified with their children.  Families that worked hard to accomplish bringing their children home were recognized.  During the event, clients – the parents – were invited to share a word with members of their community about the battles they’d been through.  In partnership with B.E.A.T. NYC, the children who just came home from foster care learned to express themselves through beatboxing and rhyming – and a brave few of them performed their impromptu reflections on what “family” means to them. Other games and activities, including a raffle stocked with donated goods, were included throughout the event to make the evening as vibrant and celebratory as possible.

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The Bronx Defenders hosted its 5th Annual Celebration of Families event in honor of the families who have reunified with their children on June 13th, 2014. Families that worked hard to accomplish bringing their children home were recognized. In partnership with B.E.A.T.S. NYC, children learned to express themselves through beatboxing and rhyming and some children performed.

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The Bronx Defenders hosted two events for Reunification Month 2013.

On June 21st, they had a celebration to honor families that recently reunified or were close to reunifying. There was food, games, and family photography. 

On the 27th, they had a play! This celebrated the successes of families involved in child welfare. Patricia R. Floyd, who has played a judge on a number of Law & Order episodes, participated. 


The Bronx Defenders’ Family Defense Practice organized a 3-hour event for parents and their children to recognize each parent(s) committed effort to keep children with their parents and provide parents with the supports they need. Twenty-one parents and 59 children participated On June 20th, 2011 in the celebration that featured food, refreshments, games for the children and individual recognition of each parent who received a certificate for her or his commitment to keeping the family whole.

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